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In this age of technology and information, there has been a gradual but significant change in the demand for human resources in the workplace. Hardworking but uneducated and illiterate employees are the thing of the past. These days, skilled employees are needed in most industries. Factory workers must be literate in operating machineries, soldiers must know how to use the latest high-tech weapons and communication technology, and finance professionals must know how to use financial software and new information/communication technologies. Most theoretical aspects of a profession can be learnt in colleges and universities. However, the practical aspects differ between employers. It is the responsibility of employers to educate their employees and to keep them updated of the latest changes. To have skilled and competent employees is beneficial to the company because they work more effectively and efficiently. Employers may enhance the skills of employees by providing training and development programs.

Alternatively, downsizing, incentives program, and effective communication also contribute to increase in skills and marketability. This paper will outline the factors affecting training programs of employees before going into the roles and contemporary practices of workplace training and development. Since training programs are costs to organizations, the paper will also explore its impact on the goals of the organization.

Factors affecting employee's training and development

It is obvious to most people that the internal reason to train and develop employees is to increase their skills so that the company will benefit from it. However, there are also external factors that organizations need to take into account when developing their training regime. It may not be so clear cut to most people that factors such as political environment, economic environment and technological environment can affect the training and development system of a company.

Political environment

Each country has a government...