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The topic of training and development varies depending on the organization. Some organizations put more focus on training and less on development and vice versa. However in order for an organization to keep its employees satisfied and succeed, both training and development must be priorities. At the Employment Development Department (EDD), training and development starts with the new employee orientation and continues all the way into the individual's exit interview. Ensuring that employee's performance and skills improve in the workplace is an important responsibility for Human Resource (HR) management. In this paper Team A will describe the five steps of Training and Development; Needs Assessment, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation in relation to EDD.

In order for an organization to identify their training needs they must conduct a needs assessment. A needs assessment is broken down into three categories which are: organizational analysis, job task analysis, and individual analysis (Mathis & Jackson, 2006).

After performing an organizational analysis to determine the who, what, when, where, why and how of training they can determine the needs of EDD which can be assets to that of Workplace Violence Prevention, Basic Supervision, Presentation Skills and Training Basics. These all have extensive topics to be covered in all areas of organizational and personal training. The mission statement of EDDU is to provide learning opportunities designed to enhance EDD's ability to meet its business goals. The goal for EDD is to use and establish the department-wide training standards in order to implement new training technologies, and to ensure training accountability at all levels (EDD University, 2009).

The department is determined to provide a safe environment for its employees and for the public. In relation to violence in the workplace, the training needed would be to define workplace violence and to explain...