Training and Development Plan.

Essay by Gpeachie January 2006

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At SMC Company, employee development is more than just training; it must become a way of life. We hire people who have no more than a high school diploma or GED. They are talented individuals, and we provide them with challenging opportunities. We need to develop a company-wide development and training program for all of the employees at SMC Company. The result will be an organization of talented, engaged and committed employees. In this paper we will develop a company-wide development and training program. The training program will address the training needs for the; existing employee's, newly hired employee's, and the supervisors and directors. The training development plan will cover the following five training issues; needs assessment, instructional design, development and implementation, evaluation, and reinforcement and sustainability. (Learning Design Inc. 2001)

Existing Employees

Needs Assessment:

With the existing employees we need to do a; needs assessment to determine the gaps with the employees and consider if the issues can be solved with training.

The assessment is part of a planning process focusing on identifying and solving performance problems. Since all of the supervisors have been promoted due to seniority and that there is no training department. It has been determined that we need a training program to develop the existing employees's and to further grow the business. We will have the managers design specific objectives for each department to include a production target and the expectation of the staff performance to be achieved. The managers will discuss and evaluate their department strategies first, and then follow by implementing a training strategy. After the strategies are set in place all of the employees will be trained. (Learning Design Inc. 2001)

Instructional Design:

We will need to simplify all complex procedures and process, making them easy for all employees...