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Our team , created this page to cover the rights and responsibilities of both employees and employers in Tesco. Our service will explain these rights in detail providing comparisons between the rights of employees and employers in different scenarios at work.

What are my main Employment rights as an Employee? Whatever your employment status, whether you are an employee, worker or freelancer/contractor, you have rights at work that are protected by law.

Examples ​ National Minimum Wage. Protection against less favorable treatment if you are part-time. Statutory Sick Pay.

Examples of Employer Rights,

Overtime Leave Policy Rights Firing Employees

Tesco is the company that I will explain the rights and responsibilities of an Employee and Employer ,

Employee staff rights at Tesco


They people are their most important asset, and a key objective is to select and retain the best. They therefore offer their staff an attractive benefits package, including flexible hours and leave, profit-share, an award-winning defined benefit pension, subsidised meals and childcare vouchers.

Careers & training

They are committed to developing their people to fulfil their potential. This year over 2,000 people in stores have progressed into management positions. 95% of retail staff were trained to their 'bronze' level of competency. All their staff have access to training programmes and a personal development plan, with six-monthly reviews, to ensure that they have the right skills for their job. Tesco delivers an extensive programme of learning through the Tesco Academy. This offers everyone in the company learning that is tailored to their own personal development needs - from induction and core skills to operational and leadership skills.

Human rights

In 2002 we introduced a group-wide human rights policy, addressing employment conditions including wages, hours, freedom of association, health and safety, discrimination, child labour and security.

The Chief...