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The merger between Interclean and Envirotech has given the company a new direction to follow. The two companies have super sales forces that allowed them to be successful in the cleaning business. David Spencer the President and CEO of Interclean has a plan that will send his company to the forefront of the cleaning industry. Interclean will be offering a new customized product based solutions that will make any costumer satisfy with any products. Spencer thinks that customers are no longer looking to buy a product that will do the work, but they want solutions to their problems. The goal is to change the direction of the company that means changing from going to product based selling to solutions based product selling. Spencer see's a new culture for the company which is changing everyday. Which will be the company's main focus for this year and years to come; the new sales department will now have an open relationship with the customers that they serve on a everyday basis,The HR team has a resource strategy that will let Interclean retain the best qualified people to do the new direction.

The company has done a job analysis and skills assessment of the new sales department of the company. They will put this analysis into action as fast as possible. The Competency models were used to fine the overall organizational fit for the new plan. The workforce plan that was done will analyze the current inventory of talent and will show the current and future staffing need of the company and the CEO plans.

The HR department has seen that the company has the right amount of money to develop a training and mentoring program for the new sales department that will teach the company new products to the employees in the department.