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Interclean-Envirotech is now providing a full service cleaning answer to the customers and clients. The Sales Team needed to be revamp to support David Spencer's vision of the company going from product base selling to solution based product sells. The Sales Department consists of Jim, Martin, Tom Gonzalez, Susan Burnt, Eric Borden, and Ving Hsu. The team brings several years of sales experience to the organization and an exceeding level of expectation in getting the job done. However, Mr. Spencer requested that the human resource department develop training mechanisms to take the company to new horizons. "Once employees are "on board," their personal growth and development over time become a major concern. Change is a fact of organizational life, and to cope with it effectively, planned programs of employee training, development, and career management are essential." (Cassio, 2006, p. 286)According to Cassio, Training consists of planned programs designed to improve performance at the individual, group, and/or organizational levels.

Improved performance, in turn, implies that there have been measurable changes in knowledge, skills, attitudes, and/or social behavior. This analysis will discuss the implementation of a training program, develop performance standards and deliver methods. Next, the analysis will discuss the content of the training, the allotted time frame, and evaluation methods. Finally, the human resources department will provide feedback and alternative methods of training for the employees on the sales team that required more training.

The CEO wants all members of the Sales Team to be unified and in doing so there will be a general training/orientation informing the employees of the company's new direction. Change, growth, and sometimes displacement (e.g., through layoffs and restructuring) are facts of modern organizational life (Cassio, 2006 g. 284). The training will start with the Sales team being assigned new employee numbers and email addresses.