Training Design and Development Paper.

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In order for any training to be effective, it must be coordinated with the company's overall objectives and at the same time, it is important to design a training program that will allow employees to fulfill their personal goals. This paper will look at what is involved in developing a training program for the Cross Country Automotive Services Company (CCAS) for a training need of "poor customer service." There are five steps that CCAS would take to create an effective systems approach to training that recognizes both of these needs: make needs assessment, design a training program, develop the program for a working environment, implement the developed training program, and finally, develop a system to evaluate the training. These steps make up the systems approach to training, which has recently become popular due to its effectiveness. This part of the paper is going to review the evaluation section of the training program.

Within any organization there comes a time for a needs assessment. This assessment can be done for many different reasons and in different departments. An organization completes a "needs assessments" to see how they can improve and to look for possible solutions for different problems. We are going to look at the Cross Country Automotive Group and do a need assessment for a poor customer service problem.

A needs assessment is a systematic exploration if the way things are and the way they should be. These "things" are usually associated with the organizational and /or individual performance (Stout, 1995). Why design and conduct a needs assessment? CCAS would need to consider the benefits of any intervention before they implement a program:

- What learning will be accomplished?

- What changes in behavior and performance are expected?

- Will we get them?

- What are the expected economic costs...