The Training a Navy Seal must go through(Male).

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BUD/S Training

The training that a man must go through to become a Navy SEAL produces a Special Operate that is second to none. To earn this designation he must go through BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEALs), a grueling training program that consists of three parts. These include basic conditioning, diving, and land warfare.

First and foremost, the candidate must complete an eight-week physical conditioning program that is meant to push him one step beyond what many considers humanly possible. The first two weeks are designed to prepare you for what is ever so popularly known as "Hell Week". These fourteen days are spent in a strenuous program consisting of running, swimming and callisthenic workouts meant to not only amplify his endurance but to also build his strength. "Hell Week" follows! This is probably the most difficult portion of the entire training period. At this point teamwork is the focus.

The goal is to produce a group of men that are able to accomplish the impossible by trusting each other and working as a team. Although the public doesn't really know what goes on during "Hell Week", surviving sleep deprivation and extreme duress admittedly helps attain its successful completion. The remaining five weeks of the first phase is spent recuperating from the first three weeks and studying hydrographic surveys, preparing hydrographic charts and instruction in basic maritime operations.

Although physical training continues, the second phase concentrates on diving skills. These eight weeks can be basically described as SCUBA diving instruction with a twist. Initially basic SCUBA diving skills are taught. These skills are divided into two basic areas that include open circuit (compressed air) and closed circuit (100% oxygen). After perfecting these skills the remainder of the second phase is spent developing combat diving...