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Executive Summary The business need for this training plan is improving customer service practices of the production assistants. There have been several incidents where, due to miscommunication between the client and the production assistant, costly errors have occurred. I believe that with proper training, there can realistically be a significant improvement in their performance. Production assistants work with salespeople to put jobs through production, as well as work with clients via the telephone.

There are seven production/sales assistants for 14 salespeople. The PAs are responsible for 70-80 jobs per month. After the salesperson closes the sale, the PA takes over. Most of the jobs consist of financial seminar mailings. A mailing list must be selected or the client occasionally provides his or her own list. If we are providing the list, the results are faxed to the client for approval. Rarely is a list approved the first time. The PA returns the list to the list manager with changes and faxes it again for approval.

After several rounds, the list is approved.

Art must also be approved. It is handled in the same manner as the mailing list. Once the art and mailing list is approved the job is put in production. The PAs must make proof each job before it is printed and then, finally, before it mails. This whole process requires continuous and effective communication with the client.

Organizational Analysis In the process of this assessment, I was unable to find any clear organizational goals or objectives. Top management could not say what the company?s mission is or what the strategies are. They just react to what happens in the course of business. Although the general consensus among management is that this has no bearing on employee performance, my personal observations refute that. Job performance has been obviously...