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For this weeks paper we were asked to discuss as a team how to increase the effectiveness of teams. First I will address why you should train a team, and the importance of training teams. I will then address the implications to the company, to the team and the individual. Next will be the responsibilities of managers, supervisors and employees. I will then move on to instructions on how to get a team to adopt a new process. Last I will address how the process could have been applied to the Enron organization I researched in week one, followed by my conclusion.

Why should you train a team:One of the best things any company can do is to train their employees. No matter the cost of training it is always a wise investment for the company. Many companies are hesitant to allow their employees to miss a day of work for the purpose of workshops or course as they feel that there is enough to do without missing work regardless of the cause.

However it is the duty of the company and all their managers to accommodate their team need and right to training. A good manager will factor in the employees training days when planning work schedules and assigning tasks.

I will now discuss some of the reasons that encourage supervisors and mangers to play an active role in the development of their employees.

Importance of training:Success and business growth will demand a top notch workforce. Due to this demand the organization will need to invest in their people for them to achieve their full potential. For this to take place learning must be accessible, relevant and stimulating.

Implications:The company will see a positive impact on turnover and recruitment and will also see increased productivity. The training opportunities will...