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InterClean has retained the very best and most suitable personnel to fulfill the sales mission for the reorganized company. The company's interest is to assist them with additional training and development in those areas which require improvement of their personal competencies. The team as a whole represents those from both organizations who have displayed superior skills and proven experience that will be necessary to provide market coverage for longer term relationships. The need exists to further refine those qualities as well as to introduce the team to the broader line of products which will be available in their sales kit. As the company moves towards more involvement with teams, the various members will need to learn behaviors such as asking for ideas, offering help, listening, providing feedback and consideration of alternate ideas. (Salas, 2002)This training program is proposed to improve sales revenue performance by increasing the knowledge and skills of the team.

Core objectives of the training will be to clarify and agree upon job requirements and expectations as well as to set standards for acceptable performance. (Witt, 2002) An additional benefit will be to introduce the format of the culture of the combined company. This is an exciting time for all and that attitude should be of value. For this to occur, the individuals as members of the team must develop their understanding of the commitment made by this company following completion of the merger between InterClean and EnviroTech. This commitment firmly launches the newly formed company as a force which will handle the demands made of it as a high growth enterprise with a view towards future success. (Cascio, 2005) Training for personnel of this caliber should energize them beyond their current lofty levels of performance.

Of prime importance is to synchronize the product sales orientation with the...