Training the Wrong Way

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University of PhoenixSep 16, 2009Since our team has never worked together and the information we have each gathered barely scratches the surface of what we could do together I will try to import our various skills into first a fictional project than attempt to explain why it did not work out as we had planned.

We will start with the job analysis, what is the reason we have to do this training. In our case, we have customers who are no longer looking to buy a product that will not do the work, but they want solutions to their problems. We have purchased a scheduling tool in order to consolidate our procurement processes within our company. The project management software we bought tracks and documents data on schedules, budgets, and resources, enabling timely tracking management of deliverables, dependencies, and risks. When evaluating a project management application, we should first ensure that we have the business practices in place to take advantage of the software.

Project management tools can help to automate existing processes, but they offer little value to organizations that lack the processes and expertise to use them properly (Shaw, 2006).

Our next step is to make sure that the "Problem" is understood. The company has done a skills assessment of all employees of the company leaving no stone unturned, ensuring that everyone in the company understands what is going on, what the ramifications could be, and ensuring that only with every employees help can a solution be found. The Competency models were used to find the overall organizational fit for the new plan. The workforce plan that was done will analyze the current inventory of talent and will show the current and future staffing need of the company.

Step 3 will be decision making as to the proper...