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Every organization produces mass amounts of data, which can help lead and direct the organization in the right direction. However, this data needs to be converted into informational reports and must be easily accessible for the data to be useful. For example, the payroll system for the City of Commerce contains data, which can be used to enforce policies more effectively and maximize control over labor expenses, if used correctly. However, with its current process, this cannot be done. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the various methods for capturing information for the selected transaction in the database and to illustrate an entity relationship diagram to help explain the process of the payroll system.

Before reports are generated, management must first be able to retrieve information from the database. There are various methods for capturing information from the database. Currently, the City of Commerce processes their payroll manually on time cards archiving their files in Excel spreadsheets for future use.

Although this data is on an Excel spreadsheet, not much information can be retrieved from the file, except for data at this time. With the use of Kronos and Paycycle, the recommended solutions for the payroll process, data can be entered into fields more easily and retrieved in the form of queries for informational reports. These two systems can be integrated with Excel to collect the data as well as save time from double entries.

With Kronos and Paycycle, data can be retrieved from the master file, transaction file, reference file, history file, and backup file. Using primary keys, information regarding the general ledger for specific departments can be accessed, as well as personal employee information such as age, sex, social security number, and dependents, etc. from the master file. The transaction file contains recent data,