Transactional Versus Servant Leadership focusing on the leadership style and the difference in leadership methods

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Table of Contents

Introduction------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 3-4

Critical Analysis------------------------------------------------------------------------page 4-9

Similarities and Conceptual differences between transformational

and servant leadership----------------------------------------------------------------page 10-12

Culture embracing transformational and servant leadership--------------------page 12-14

Conclusion-----------------------------------------------------------------------------page 15-15

References-----------------------------------------------------------------------------page 16-20


Leaders have always been among us since the existence of mankind. A lot of manuscripts and different sources, articles have given us sufficient amount of information in regard to leaders and their behavior Bass' (1989 & 1990). However it is true that many leaders are born with trait capabilities they can surely be enhanced towards the framework of the people. (DYLAN JONES-EVANS North Wales Edition).

Organizations are successful not only on the basis as to how the leaders are leading that organization but also to what extent the followers are following their leaders.

Transformational leadership style is based on the follower and has to be practiced hand in hand throughout for it to be effective as (Ira Chaleff) states "Leaders rarely use their power wisely or effectively over long periods unless they are supported by followers who have the stature to help them do so."

The leader is not merely wielding power, but appealing to the values of the follower. In this sense, values mean, "A principle, standard, or quality regarded as worthwhile or desirable," (Webster's New Riverside University Dictionary).

If we look at the last twenty years the very topic of leadership has intrigued scholars and a considerable amount of research has been done (Avolio & Yammarino, 2002;

Dansereau & Yammarino, 1998). But even though it has been done, a proper understanding of the overall factor of what exactly leadership actually is, still quite unclear. The most popular of the leadership styles which have been discussed by researchers are transformational, servant and charismatic leadership.

The article "Transformational versus servant leadership: a difference in leader focus by (A.G.Stone; R.F.Russell;...