The Transall Saga by Gary Paulsen

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In the book the Transall Saga, the first few chapters made me feel pretty lonely. The boy, Mark Harrison was sucked into this unknown light and woke up in a totally different planet. There were no other human beings to communicate with but him and the animals that surrounded him. It makes me think about how much I appreciate my family and the home because if I was left alone in a planet that was unknown to me, I wouldn't survive and I would miss everyone and everything. It also makes me think about the people out there in the world, who would have to do anything to survive out there by themselves, whether it is because they had no food or just because they're lost somewhere.

The ideas in this book remind me of another book called the Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Reason being I think the works are so similar because both stories are talking about a boy who got lost somewhere and had to survive by themselves, whatever the circumstances were.

In the hatchet the boy had to survive with only a hatchet in hand. While in this book, Mark has to survive living in a totally different planet not knowing what is going to happen. Both books connect because the main characters in both books don't know what is up ahead for their search of survival.

In this story I think the setting is very important because it sets the mood, and the picture. In the novel the planet is merely red, the grass is red and everything seems dark and gloomy as if it were a setting in Mars. When you actually picture the setting you could already understand why it would be hard to get food or hardly find any. Just by...