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Transcendentalism In our past many people have contributed to a lot of thing's that have really affected the way we are, and the way we live are life's today. During the 1830's the Romantic Movement transcendentalism was a popular philosophy. Transcendentalism is the philosophy or the belief of self-reliance, or the thought that people should think for them self. Two of the biggest trenscendentales of there time are Ralph Waldo Emerson ad Henry David Thoreau.

Ralph Waldo Emerson was a strong believer and voice of transcendentalism and will surly be remembered. Emerson was one of the many writers that came from Concord Mass. He and he's brother's help each other thought collage. Emerson when to collage to be a minister, and did minister in locate church's but give it up and when to Europe after the death of is wife. When he was there he was very influenced by some British poets: like Wordsworth, Coolerilge, and Caryle.

When he came back he developed transcendentalism. Emerson start voicing is opinions and also an as establish a lot of literary accomplishment like "Self-Reliance", "Self-Trast" and many more peace of litereure. Individualism was the qualities that formed the basis of this philosophy, making Emerson big leader in American culture, and was also a mentor to Henry Thoreau.

Henry David Thoreau a native of Concord was also collage educated, and was also very a devoted follower of Emerson