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When I was younger, I loved to watch cartoons. Although I watched many cartoons, there was one cartoon in particular that caught my attention the most. This cartoon was a science fiction story about robotic lifeforms called The Transformers.

At that time, The Transformers was the most exciting and important thing in my life. It came on everyday, and I tried not to ever miss an episode. If I knew I would miss an episode, I made sure I had someone record it for me so I could watch it later. I even recorded many shows just to be able to watch them over and over again.

One day when I was away somewhere, I had my mother record it for me. After returning home, I immediately began to view the tape only to find out that the tape ran out about half way though the show.

I remember I was so incredibly angry over not being able to completely watch the episode, that I threw a childish tantrum by crying and yelling at my poor mother.

I later began buying The Transformers action figures; which were developed by Hasbro from the television series. Over the years, I accumulated a collection of about thirty different characters; which I still have stored in my room. I don't think I could ever get rid of them. Also, each Transformer came with a stat card on the back of the box he was sold in that described his various skills and attributes. I used to always cut these stat cards from the back of the boxes, and tape them onto large sheets; which I hung on my bedroom wall. Along with the action figures, I also had Transformer books and Transformer bedsheets. I couldn't get enough of...