Transforming 'Old City Sports'

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Transforming 'Old City Sports' - Human Resources Management Report

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1. Introduction 2.

2. Analysis of 'Best Practice' HRM Strategies 4.

3. Assessment - Obstacles and Problems facing New HRM Strategies 6.

4. Conclusions - New Strategies 8.

5. References 14.

6. Appendix 1 - Meeting Minutes 16.

1. Introduction

As a team of human resource managers, we have been asked by the local council to meet the objectives of making Old City Sports both more customer orientated and more successful at managing the human resource potential of the organisation's employees. In essence, we have been asked to investigate how we can manage our employees to match our customer needs.

In order to find existing successful HRM strategies, the report firstly identifies 'best practice' HRM procedures from two sport and leisure organisations.

The report will then consider the potential problems and obstacles that an organisation could face when implementing any new HRM strategies, and proposes how these potential issues can be overcome.

Using the information from the previous two sections and key academic literatures, the report will conclude by proposing two new strategies aimed at overcoming the human resources problems at Old City Sports, making the organisation more customer orientated and more successful at managing the human resource potential of its employees.

The report is informed by several academic and research literatures. Discussed below are the key academic and research literatures that have played a central role in shaping and informing much of the report.

Ackers et al (2006), reports on two previous research papers, (1992, 2001), regarding employee participation in unionised and non-unionised organisations. The paper tracks the development of the move away from Collective Bargaining to Employee Involvement (EI) and Social Partnership with Trade Unions. The paper provides useful insights into the effectiveness of certain EI...