Translation of Hamlet's soliloquies. Act 1 Scene 2 and Act 2 Scene 2

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ACT I Scene ii: Hamlet's soliloquyI wish I could just disappear, or if only suicide was acceptable. I have lost all joy in life, it is like an unweeded garden. It has been only two…no one month since my father's death. He was superior to Claudius as god is to a beast, and he was so good to my mother. She used to adore him and wept when he died yet within a month of his death, she married my uncle. Oh, why are women so weak? My, uncle is as much like my father as I'm like Hercules. She was so quick to remarry and get into an incestuous bed. No good can come of this, but I cannot share what my broken heart feels.

ACT II Scene ii: Hamlet's soliloquyI am nothing but a peasant, a slave. It's terrible that an actor can force himself to make up feelings, such sadness all for nothing.

An actor could drown the crowd with tears and drive a guilty spectator crazy. But what could I possibly do, I do nothing but mope about. I am so uncourageous that I have not yet made plans for revenge. I have nothing to show at all for the king whose life was stolen. I am such a coward that no one would even a "villain". If I was not such a coward the vultures would already be feasting on that bloody, inhumane, remorseless villain.

Oh but I will get my revenge. I will show that I am brave, I must seek revenge. But all I can do is stand here cursing like a whore. I need to formulate a plan… I've heard that a guilty man can be driven to confess his crimes by watching a play. Murder has no native tongue...