Transparency in Corporate Governance

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IntroductionCorporate transparency is a form of a radical transparency is the construct of removing all barriers to - and facilitating of - free and easy public access to corporate, political and personal information and the laws, rules, social connivance and processes that facilitate and protect those individuals and corporations who freely join, develop and embellish the process. (Wikipedia.) Although Hugh McBride did not have any internal controls, policies, procedures, committees or corporate compliances in place when Beltway Investments invested into the company, Hugh is still capable of implementing all of these which will not only better his company but ensure the success and integrity of McBride Financial Services Inc.

Self-Interest of ManagementThere are several different instances that self-interest decisions are made by some managers and directors within an organization or outside of the organization. But self-interest of management is a common practice in today's society. In the McBride Financial Services scenario, Hugh has made a few self-interest decisions within his corporation.

Making decisions that will benefit the director or manager without concern for others. In the McBride Financial Services scenario, Hugh had no concern to what the policies or procedures are for selecting a Board of Directors as he has no policies or procedures in place. In fact, Hugh himself selects who he wants as his Board of Directors and tells Betty and Beth, "Please proceed with invitations for those listed as my choice for directors. Since Beltway will need to approve these selections, I'll need a "flowery" biography for each selling them on approval." (Scenario: McBride Financial Services). Hugh makes it known to the potential Board members that they, "Do not have to worry about anything, he will take care of everything and they can reap the reward of putting "Board of Director" on their resume." (Scenario: McBride Financial...