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Throughout the years that I've been driving I have been noticing problems with the transportation system here in the Treasure Valley. Some of these problems have been fixed in some way or another, but some still exist and others have been created. Below are brief examples: 1. There is a short stretch of Glenwood Road in Garden City that begins at Chinden and continues South up a hill and curves to the left until you reach a 'T' in the road. This particular part of Glenwood Road is extremely skinny and particularly dangerous because of the blind spots that the hill and curve creates.

2. For quite a while after the September 11th incident the roads surrounding the Capital Building were blocked off, but now only the North side is. However, this blockage of the roads has effected the timing of the traffic lights. I realize that they changed the timing in order to accommodate to the new traffic routing, but I believe that the new timing is incorrect.

3. The Flying Y is a little complex as well, especially for a person that doesn't regularly travel this part of the interstate. One of the problems with it is that you have to travel in the opposite lane than feels natural in order to go in the desired direction. Also, it has caused a few annoyances around the Edwards Cinemas complex.

I feel that the above transportation problems should and could be fixed, but there is another transportation problem that I feel needs to be fixed. This problem is located at the intersection of Fairview Avenue and Cold Road. At that corner there is a grade school along with an Albertson's grocery store, and other shopping complexes that includes a bank and other businesses that acquire quite a...