Transportation safety

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Transportation has advanced over the years from ferries to railroads to automotives to airplanes. Man is constantly moving, and man tries to find faster ways to get from point A to point B. The problem that comes with using faster and cheaper transportation is that its most likely not as safe as the alternative. Although Planes can malfunction and crash usually the fault is the pilot's. It's usually the pilot who can ultimately determine whether or not the plane will land safely or will be involved in a deadly accident.

Safety is never one hundred percent, there is always going to be dangers with flight commercial airlines have always had problems with safety. Safety relies on many different things. Weather is an issue, the plane could be damaged in a lightning storm or blown off course in a hurricane. Another issue is the pilot, he must be aware of his surroundings and all factors of the situation at all times and be capable of flying the plane.

Some flight disasters have been caused by an intoxicated pilot. -QUOTE- . The air traffic controllers are in charge of informing the pilots where they need to be and where they must land. They must do their job very precisely one false calculation any many people could die.

And one of the most important nowadays is airport security. Especially after what happened on 9/11/01 but since that happened security has been exceptionally tight and quite sufficient. Armed guards have been posted outside of the terminals, more cameras have been installed, carry-ones have been x-rayed and everything must be searched.

The problem of airline safety can never be truly resolved. Airplanes can always malfunction in one way or another they cant be constantly monitored the planes can be serviced more often with more...