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Summary The Trap-Ease is a simple yet clever device, manufactured by a plastics firm under contract with Trap-ease America. The trap works simple efficiency. This Trap-Ease had many advantages for the consumer when compare with traditional spring-loaded traps or mouse poisons. Trap-Ease has much strength that others don?t. Trap-Ease mousetrap win first price in the National Hardware Show.

Trap-Ease America should use this reputation to persuade consumers to buy their product without wasting time. But lack of information about the current market situation is a problem for Trap-Ease. Trap-Ease should try to convince their customer that using their product will be safer and no mess.

In order to success in such an aggressive market, Trap-Ease America should have a better product launching technique. New product like Trap-Ease mousetrap, advertising is a component that cannot be simply ignore. Even though competition will harm the sales, but competition sometimes will help stimulate the market and help the product to growth.

Acquire competitor will give advantage to Trap-Ease to stimulate and promote the mousetrap product, in the meantime save the cost of promotion and advertisement.

The capital of entry for industrial area of Trap-Ease is not high. The main advantage for Trap-Ease is they obtain is the worldwide rights to market the innovative mousetrap. Try persuading customer that their product is more on effectiveness and quality. Trap-Ease is falling into non-pricing competition category. In this category, Trap-Ease should not focus on pricing but instead emphasises distinctive product feature, services, product quality, promotion, and packaging to distinguish the product from others. If Trap-Ease is lack of marketing expertise they should get help from the marketing professional. By using proper marketing methods, Trap-Ease mousetrap should be success in the market in the future.

Introduction Trap-Ease America was formed in January 1997, by a group...