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MODULE TWO - Review Worksheet

This assignment evaluates lecture and textbook understanding; use those resources to answer the 10 questions below in at least two solid sentences each. Work must be written in your own words and adhere to proper mechanics, grammar, and spelling. Specifics about grading can be found in the associated rubric, found in the Course Information folder.


Why is the provision of natural resources dependent upon healthy ecosystems?

We have altered the ecosystem more than any other period in history. We need our natural resources to have sustainability of the planet in the future.

What is lifecycle analysis? This is a systematic look at a products complete life cycle, from the raw materials to the disposal of the product. A lifecycle analysis gives a look at the products process and its impact on the environment.

Why does unchecked economic growth lie at the heart of many environmental issues?

Due to constraints of renewable resources like fresh water, biodiversity and clean air, endless growth is not a possibility.

Many of our industrial systems depend on non renewable sources such as metals, minerals and oil. These things are being depleted and then more expensive over time.


What will a "sustainable economy" look like?

It will encompass ecological decisions and sustainable fuel sources. We will need to rely on other sources of energy so that we do not use up our natural resources and then have nothing. So a sustainable economy would be self sufficient and provide more economic growth.

Why do production and consumption represent "just part" of an economic system?

It is only part of the economic system, because it is like a lens, it provides us with a link to sustainability, but cannot produce the sustainability. It allows us to see the connections and reveal...