Travel with Charley Essay. What opinions did John Steinbeck use over the course of his trip across the United States.

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Travels with Charley Essay

After being on the road for a few months John Steinbeck and his dog Charlie saw much of the U.S. He also gave many opinions and his thoughts on many occasions, such as: mobile homes and how he adored them, Canucks and how they made great soup, and finally the Lonesome Harry episode who was a man cheating on his wife.

The mobile homes he saw were "wonderfully built homes" equipped with everything one needed, such as toilets, washing machines, and stoves. He said he believed people liked these because we as a country are no longer a "country of roots". Meaning we like to move around and see new things, rather than staying in one place and get comfortable. Also you buy one and a few years later when a new model comes out u trade yours in and get the new one.

The Canucks from Canada were in the United States to farm potatoes.

After a hard day of work they sat down for dinner and made soup. Steinbeck generalized that just because they were French that they made the best soup in the world. He once said, "what charming people, what flair, how beautiful they are." That was all said based on their smell coming from the soup.

Lonesome Harry was a man who had Steinbecks hotel room, before they had time to clean it John said he would use this room until his was ready. He was in the room snooping around and found many things that showed him what kind of person occupied the room before he. He found a note to his wife trying to say that he has been cheating on her, as well as many other items. He believes that you can learn more about a person by...