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This is the best informative website that maintained by the U.S. Department of State for providing useful information for international business travelers. Even though the information was difficult to gather, it is thoroughly presented for the employees to travel outside the United States.

My parents and I immigrated to United States from Hong Kong for 7 years. Basically I knew where the best place to hang out, the best restaurant to eat, and the best shopping center to shop, but I knew none of the information such as the entry and exit requirements and customs regulations for travelers because I did not have to know as the natural-born resident, therefore I will use Hong Kong as my example for my paper.

As many companies are globally developing outside the United States, especially East-Southern Asian countries. Obviously, this is a trend for employees to travel to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, or Japan for their businesses.

This website provides the relevant information for a business traveler. From the purely business perspective of relevant information, the websites gives you an idea of the infrastructure of the country that you might be doing business in, such as technology, the roads or travel conditions in the country. It gives clues on the market conditions you can expect to find agrarian, developed, or advanced in the country you are interested in as a business.

The website provides the country¡¦s diplomatic relations with the U.S. and gives you any type of travel warnings such as their political system and major political issue affecting business climate. It also warns you of geographic areas and other countries to avoid. It also offers multiple links to other pertinent websites on any type of relevant information the business would be interested in.

A good example would be if...