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If you want information about buying, selling, or valuing a business...

you've come to the right place! Our books, reports, publications, free business articles, software, and other resources have been selected to bring you expert advice and guidance for all aspects of buying, selling, or determining the value of a business.

Our goal is to save you thousands of dollars in consulting and other professional costs by providing the knowledge of the experts directly to you without the expensive hourly fees. Learn the inside information used by business brokers, appraisers, and mergers and acquisitions specialists.

Home Page | Product Catalog | Business Articles | Ask the Expert Business Valuation Services | Professional Resource Links | About Us | Awards We've Won Browse Our Best Selling and Newest Resources: Strategies for Successfully Buying or Selling a Business: A book which provides all of the information you need to successfully buy or sell an existing company.

Includes strategy, guidelines and procedures necessary for a successful transaction. Winner of the NABE Best Business Book of the Year Award and recommended by Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine! Includes the twelve "laws of the business buying and selling jungle." Preparing Your Business For Sale: Unlock the super-money value in your company!... This is the book that you must read to sell your business for the absolutely highest price! Hundreds of tips and insiders' secrets to help you avoid selling your company for less than it's worth! Recommended by the founder of the International Business Brokers Association.

The Business Reference Guide: The most extensive and complete source of business buying and selling information on the market today! Recommended by Kiplingers and INC. magazines! An absolute gold mine of information you can't afford to be without when buying, selling, or brokering a business. Includes an extensive listing of business valuation "rules of thumb" for over 300 types of companies.

Business Valuation Software: The CD-ROM Windows edition of the highly acclaimed valuation software for the non-financial user is now available. You won't need an MBA or accounting degree to use this tool! Designed especially for business owners, buyers, and brokers.

Making a Small Business Purchase Offer: A detailed step-by-step guide which takes buyers, sellers, and brokers through the process of putting together a Purchase and Sale Agreement. This excellent resource is available in printed form or may be immediately downloaded to your computer! The Complete Guide to Business Brokerage: This publication is the definitive book on business brokerage. It covers all aspects of the field; from how to find profitable businesses for sale, taking a listing, appraising the value, closing the sale, to managing the brokerage office. If you're planning to get into this lucrative professional field, you'll definitely learn and profit from this book. Written by Tom West, the founder of the International Business Brokers Association and the most knowledgable business broker in the country today.

Business Appraisal Services: A very cost-effective way to learn what the company you are considering buying or selling may be worth in the open marketplace. Don't overpay or leave money on the table. Hire an Institute of Business Appraisers valuation specialist to assist you with your sale transaction.

Special Reports: We also offer several 16-page 8.5"x11" Special Reports written by Russell Brown; BSEE, MBA, Appraiser, to provide you with specific detailed information relating to a variety of high-interest topics in the buying, selling and valuation of a business. These Reports are available for immediate download or may be ordered in printed form.

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