The treatment and personnel involvement in a film production

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In the treatment I would be elaborating on one product but producing this programme would take a lot of work so I researched into the roles of a production team.

The personnel involved in a film production are:

The Producer- the financier, someone who overlooks the whole production.

The Director- carries out the writer's vision of the story.

- directs all action in the project.

- corrects focus.

- good framing and image composition.

- removes unwanted detail.

The camera operator - listens to the director.

- balances colour.

- checks light levels.

- maintains steadiness of camera movement.

- good at framing shots.

The Writer- creates the story.

Lighting and key grip- provide light and equipment.

The sound technician - check that the audio is efficient.

- minimises any unwanted noise.

- checks that the sound is recording material.

Costume and make-up artists- enhance the appearance of the presenters/interviewee's

The editor- - puts the film together.

- listens to the director.

- ensures that the product is perfect in audio and visual fields.

The assistant editor- helps the editor.

The sound editor - puts the sound together for the film.

- helps the editor maintain perfect audio in the film.

Research for shooting

The actual process for shooting a take is as follows: the director calls for quiet on the set by calling out 'Quiet' or 'Stand by.' At this command, complete silence is expected from all cast and crewmembers. If the shoot is at a public location, then crewmembers may have to circulate to the adjacent crowd and quiet them unless the crowd noises are part of audio ambience. At the 'Standby' cue, all cast and crew assume their starting position, physically and mentally for the beginning of the shot.

When the director feels that everyone is ready...