Treatment Options Paper: Chemical Dependency in the Workplace

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Treatment Options

Making the decision about whether to seek mental health or drug and alcohol treatment for yourself or a loved one can be as overwhelming as the addiction or emotional struggles themselves. It becomes even more complex then deciding where or evens what kind of treatment (e.g., psychiatric, drug, alcohol rehab). As with any treatment, it is important for one to make an informed choice. This involves learning as much as one can about what is happening with you or someone you care about, while also educating yourself about available mental health and drug and alcohol treatment centers and the services they offer.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation and mental health treatments have become far more advanced over recent years. We now know that a range of mental health, drug, and alcohol rehab services should be available so an individual is able to find the right treatment that will be good for them.

This paper will discuss the different types of treatments available for drug or alcohol abusers. It will also discuss the twelve-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Treatment Can Occur in Different Types of Settings

Residential treatment delivers full-time services in a home-like sober environment aimed at learning to apply recovery skills. People can learn about the many forms of addiction and mental illness, and how they can obtain a better life by going through the healing process. Residential treatment may include a detoxification period, and includes group and individual therapy options.

Other less intensive residential treatment options include community housing where a safe living environment is provided, but independence and outside the resident can maintain employment. Therapeutic communities are highly structured residential environments where each person is engaged in activities such as group education, group counseling, and individual therapy sessions. Therapeutic communities use community-imposed consequences and earned...