Treatment of President George Bush Jr.

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President George Bush, Jr.

President Bush is seen in a more negative light then a positive one lately. Many American's are questioning some of the decisions that President Bush has made and continues to make. There are several issues that are in the spotlight in the United States. The war on Iraq, the lack of proper equipment to fight the war, the issue on gay marriages and the issue of our Social Security tax to name a few. President Bush is not treated well because of decisions he has made in the past as well as the lies that he has been caught in by the media.

The inconsistency on the war in Iraq is a major issue amongst Americans. Where are those weapons of mass destruction? These weapons were never found and won't be found because from reports given, these weapons haven't been around for years. Americans are starting to wonder why we ever evaded Iraq.

I believe that the Bush administration knew there were no weapons and that we evaded Iraq due to a personal vendetta with President Bush's father, former President Bush and Saddam Hussein. A top Iraqi defector told us over 4 years ago that there were no weapons; however, the Bush administration kept that information a secret. This secret and the consistent lies to the American people to justify the war in Iraq and 300 plus United States soldiers that have died as a result from this war is one of the main reasons Americans do not see President Bush in a favorable light.

Another issue at hand with the war is the lack of adequate supplies and the lack of armor for the vehicles that our soldiers have over in Iraq. Many complaints by soldiers over in Kuwait about the lack of...