The Treaty of Bucharest.

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World War One was a war that was initiated because of many small conflicts piling on top of each other. The disagreements between small countries, and their alliances with major powers were the factor that ultimately got so many nations involved in the war.

The Treaty of Bucharest signed by the delegates of Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria and Montenegro ended the Second Balkan War,. During the Second Balkan War, Bulgaria was surrounded by its enemies, notably Romania, Greece, Serbia and Turkey. That forced Bulgaria to accept the terms of the Treaty of Bucharest, having no space for negotiation.

World War One started less than a year after The Treaty of Bucharest was signed, so it is safe to assume that the Treaty certainly contributed to the start of a world war in some way. How did the Treaty of Bucharest influence Serbia to sparkle World War One?

Both Balkan Wars must be taken into account.

The First Balkan War was fought between the Balkan League (Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Montenegro) and The Ottoman empire, and its cause was to free Macedonia from the Ottoman rule. The League, which was formed with the help of Russia in 1912, managed to come up with a combined force of 750,000 men. Montenegro was the first to attack the Ottomans in October 8, 1912, and the other League countries joined the attack after 10 days.

The Balkan League succeeded in kicking the Ottoman empire out of Macedonia, and almost out of Europe altogether. The Ottomans were in a situation much similar to the one of Germany during World War One, fighting a war on several fronts; Bulgaria was engaged with them in Thrace, and defeated the Ottomans, forcing them back to Constantinople; In Macedonia, Serbia was attacking the Ottomans and achieved a great victory...