Treaty Of Versailles

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ermanys problems in the post WW1 era. The Treaty of Versailles was unfair and cruel towards Germans. The Germans were not solely responsible for the war, and therefore should not have been so severely punished. The reparations the Germans were forced to pay were way too expensive. The loss of land was not necessary, the countries created are not strong nor forceful in world events. The country suffered severely Treaty of Versailles because of these harsh punishments.

German reparations should not have been so expensive. I agree that hey should have paid reparations because they did damage, but approximately $56,000,000,000 worth is outrageous and cowardly. The French and British should have had to pay reparations as well, because much damage was done by them too. Germany proved that money at that amount could not be paid and they refused to pay until French entered the Ruhr in 1924. This shows that this kind of reparation is exceedingly too high.

Germany lost a tremendous amount of land after the treaty was signed as well. The loss of land was not totally necessary either. The small countries produced never were strong or had a huge impact on global events or decisions. Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Austria for example do not play huge roles in the world today like Germany, Italy, Unites States, and England do. It would not have been a big deal to keep them annexed to Germany.

In result of these things happening to Germany they suffered greatly and unfairly. The printing of more paper money because of the reparations resulted in huge inflation, which led to sometimes bringing a bag of money to the store to buy a loaf of bread. Germans were put into a huge hole of debt as well. The reparations