The Treaty of Versailles to Germany.

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The main problem that Germany had to face at the end of the World War I was the Treaty of Versailles. It was the formal agreement that ended the war. American President and French Prime Minister had tempted Germany to surrender with their fourteen points. This plan was to be the basis for a treaty that emphasized peace and forgiveness. Some of these terms were particularly punishing the Germany. As the result of this treaty Germany's army minimized and Germany had big economic lost. In addition, Germany also had to give lots of land as a punishment. Therefore, Treaty of Versailles was unfair to Germany.

First of all, the German army and navy were strictly limited. After March 31, 1920, German army must not exceed 1,00,000 soldiers. It can only have six battleships, six light cruisers, twelve destroyers, and twelve torpedo boats. In addition it can't have any military forces.

This is totally unfair to any country to minimize its army just because it lost in war. So, Germany lost the war and government made it weaker after minimizing military.

Another reason, from which we can tell that the Treaty of Versailles was unfair to Germany was about the economic lost. Germany had to pay totaling of $30 billion for war damages. And Germany had to pay this all on its own. Well this is the war (fight), and anything thing happen in war. Only the country, which looses is not responsible for all the damages that happened in war. So, why only Germany had to pay for it? Moreover, Germany had to turn over its coalmines to France for 15 years. This all things gave Germany big economic lost.

Following to the Treaty of Versailles Germany lost his most of land. It had to accept...