The treaty of Versailles had a major impact on the Weimar Republic in the years 1919 – 1929

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The treaty of Versailles had a major impact on the Weimar Republic in the years 1919 - 1929, however there were greater social and political factors that impacted the stability of the republic during this time. Following the end of the First World War in November of 1919, the German Political system was abolished and replaced with a republic. A new constitution was established to govern the new Weimar Republic. This constitution was based around the strict limitations and regulations implemented by the Treaty of Versailles. The peace treaty signed at the end of WWI played a major part in the inability to establish political and social stability in Germany in the period 1919 - 1929. However, the actions of German Chancellors, a major case of hyperinflation, the limitations of the new Weimar Constitution and the continual revolutionary attempts from both left and right wing protagonists made German stability almost impossible.

It therefore must be seen that although the Treaty of Versailles affected the Weimar Republic there were clear factors that led to a period of major political economical and social instability.

At the end of the First World War, the victorious allies of Britain, France and Germany met in the French city of Versailles to discuss the nature of post world Europe. The Treaty of Versailles outlined the make-up of the post war continent and also the fate of the defeated Germany. Their heads of Government represented the "Big 3". The French by Georges Clemenceau, the British by David Lloyd George and the USA by Woodrow Wilson. Clemenceau wanted to make Germany pay for the war by totally stripping them of all resources and political privileges. Lloyd George wanted to re-establish the trade links with Germany that had been so lucrative pre-war whilst also ensuring European Peace. Whilst Woodrow...