A Tree Grows in Brooklyn vs. West Side Story

Essay by NaughtyBra February 2004

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"Things can happen in some cities and the tale of them will be interesting; the same story laid in another city would be rediculous". This quote is saying that while in one place an event can be very important and significant, in another place it won't be as important. This quote is correct because it is true that while in a particular place an event can have a lot of significance, in another place it just wouldn't be as meaningful. The literary works West Side Story , and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn fit the quote.

West Side Story relates to this quote because there was a very important event in it that would probably only be important to that city in which it occurred. In West Side Story, a pair of star-crossed lovers have difficulty with their relationship because they have to keep it hidden. The reason for this is because they are part of two different gangs but this doesn't stop them.

There is a very tragic end to this story. The two gangs find out about this relationship and there is a big brawl. In the end, Tony, one of the star-crossed lovers gets shot and dies. Maria, his girlfriend, cannot live without him, and after giving a dramatic speech shoots herself because she chooses to not go on with her life without Tony. Now while this sounds like a very interesting event it will only be important to this particular city. People hundreds of miles away won't really care much, and will forget bout it in a week.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn relates to the quote because it is about a very poor family living in a poor section of Brooklyn, which represents their poverty. The novel depicts all the obstacles the family...