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SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1Ryerson University

Department of History

HST 701: Scientific Technology and Modern Society

Section 1

Fall One Semester Course Fall 2014 Upper Level Liberal Studies


The twentieth century saw the wholesale application of scientific knowledge to technical matters. Unlike any previous time in history, science-based technology came to define and reflect human cultural and social attitudes and aspirations. Students in all Ryerson programs will find it useful to study the interaction between scientific technology and human culture - and how scientific technology is changing our understanding of ourselves.

This course is designed to provide a better appreciation of the background to current scientific technology. It aims at developing the analytical skills needed to understand the emergence and impact of science-based industries. The following topics are covered: 1) the coming of scientific technology; 2) industrial chemistry shaping history; 3) nuclear physics and the promise and hazards of nuclear energy; 4) computers and the information revolution; 5) the human genome project and biotechnology; and 6) technology and human values: is there any connection between them?

Course Instructor: Professor Jennifer Hubbard

Office: Jorgenson - Room 517

Office Hours: Mon. 3:10-4:00

Tues. 11:00-11:50

Weds. 2:10-3:00 (or by appointment)

Telephone: 979-5000 ext. 7728.


Please communicate using your Ryerson e-mail, and provide your full name at the end of your message so I don't waste time trying to figure out nicknames or strange e-mail addresses.


The usual teaching mode will be class lectures. There will also seminar group discussions of specific topics for which students will have done assigned readings. Attendance is compulsory. Students will be graded on their participation.

Marking Scheme

Seminar Participation 15%

1 Essay (Due November 14 Sect. 01) 35%

(Due November 17 Sect. 02)

Term test (October 8 Section 01 and 02)...