The trench system- The truth and comparison to propaganda

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I'm Rob McIvor an investigative journalist for The Modern New. As you all know or suspect the current war situation is thought of to be buttered up by the government in attempt to make more people join and not to put them off. The main thing I am going to look at is life in the trenches the government describe it to be a walk in the park in all there propaganda posters which mislead people with the power of guilt. Well I for one am going to find out the truth the fool proof and most reliable way-By visiting the western front my self so you and I will finally and rightfully know the truth

Its 5:30 pm on the 23rd December 1915. The view across the western front was indescribable and beyond words. For miles upon miles all I could see one way was bottomless trenches, shell holes and by far the most distressing thing of all scattered limbs carcasses torsos and even items of clothing scattered around and on the other barbed wire blocking the way to no mans land.

The trenches were described as "A sausage machine, because it was filled with live men churned out corpses and remained firmly screwed in to place."(Robert Graves). The atmosphere was tense gloomy and almost eerie it began to scare me away but I have to do this for myself and the public. I thought I was in the wrong place this is not what it looked like in the posters that were hung up all around town. As I edged closer to the trenched I began to hear the supple voices of soldiers. I peered over the edge of the frontline trench and introduced myself as a reporter for The Modern news. Most of the soldiers welcomed me...