Trench Warfare In WWI

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Trenches: A New War Abroad A new war, as both the Allies and the Central Powers discover a new process of combat, better known as Trench Warfare. This type of fighting is currently being used in the war, with little success, unfortunately. This type of contact is very dangerous for many reasons. I have decided to investigate this type of warfare, allowing no margin for error. What you are about read may disturb you. Parental discretion is requested.

The soldiers dig underground canals, which are approximately eight feet deep and eight feet wide. Their ceilings, the sky. The men sleep and live in these tunnels. Their supplies and equipment surround them. The men are constantly dwelling around shells and munitions, and hazardous materials. They sleep in groves, which are dug in the trench walls. This is always dangerous as the walls may collapse at anytime, especially when the weather is not moderate.

This type of environment is extremely vulnerable to cave-ins and collapses. There is a constant fear of grenades and shells exploding before being detonated, and of equipment blowing up when the enemy targets their trench. When an enemy attacks, perhaps with Mustard Gas, which is an extremely dangerous inhalant, every inhabitant of the trench is killed. When Mustard Gas is deployed, and inhaled, the contents of it cause the victim to cough and stop normal breathing, and eventually, force the victim to eject their own lungs, leaving them breathless, and almost immediately dead. After attacks such as these, men who have survived must dwell in the trench among the dead and dying. This is a constant safety hazard, as diseases and bacteria spread in these conditions. Also, inhabiting soldiers must deal daily with rats and wild rodents, which feed on the corpses of their fellow colleagues and...