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Internet Phones

Internet Phones are quickly becoming the norm in communication amongst top Corporations around the world, due primarily to its ease of use and low cost. The technology applied simply came from using existing hardware as a medium to further communication service into the digital age.

Internet phones are the combination of the traditional phone and the newer digital internet provided to many households, businesses, and schools around the world. It works on the same basic principles that internet communication does. The voice transmission are broken down into small, easily transferable, data packets that are sent over internet lines, much like basic internet data, and gathered and rearranged into a cohesive unit of communication at the receiving Phone or computer.

The typical hardware needed, depending on your existing setup, usually ranges from the actual Internet phone and an adapter for traditional phone usage. PC to PC usage typically requires just a set of headphones with a microphone built into it or two separate units.

The Internet Phone system is becoming very popular amongst top corporations because it allows companies to use an intercommunication system with offices throughout a building with the hassle and cost of additional services. The communication in this case is much easier to secure and maintain, thus providing a less costly alternative to the Traditional Telephone.

Global Positioning System

The Global Positioning System device market is growing. Analyst Ron Stearns of Frost and Sullivan in San Antonio pegged the automotive portion of the consumer GPS business at $922 million and reckons consumers will buy more than 1.2 million units this year. Add in outdoor units aimed at hikers and boaters and you hit more than 4 million units and $1.8 billion in sales. With consumer giants Sony and Philips now joining the GPS device market, this...