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Trends There are many trends or fads that are in style for a short period of time. There are ones that TV stars start or ones that highschool students start. One of the trends I don't like is dying your hair a deep red.

I dye my hair only because I like the to be different from everyone else. There are many different colors that aren't natural but look good all at the same time. I do the wild and dark red colors that stick out. Everyone else is starting to do it now and it makes me not want to anymore. Everyone does it because they think they will fit in or look cool I do it for the exact oppisite. I know some people might call me a hypocrite for not liking it but that's just how I feel.

I don't dye my hair to follow the crowd.

I do it because I like it and it adds a little something to me as a person. I think the way you dress reflects you as a person, I dye my hair bright red because I'm a very happy and hyper person with a bright yet odd personality.

My dad always asks me the same question each time he sees the dye sitting on the counter, "why do you dye your hair? I don't like you to change. What's wrong with your natural color?" each time my reply is the same. I say to him "what's wrong with being your own person daddy?" he never answers. Just simply shakes his head and walks away. I'm not sure what my mom thinks of me dying my hair. I just think she is glad I'm not off doing something a lot worse like smoking or doing drugs. I have 4 piercings in one ear and 5 in the other. Those don't seem to bother her either. She just says that she doesn't mind as long as they stay in my ears. My dad, on the other hand asks why I put holes in my head. She never really answers me when I ask if my hair looks good. She just smiles and says yes. Which I can handle. My mom won't buy the dye. But that's ok because I have a job so its not that big of a deal.

I'll never understand why people want to be like everyone else. Why would you want to follow the crowd? You'll just be another one of the fish and you'll never be known as the person you are if you look and dress like everyone else. What's wrong with sticking out once and a while? Its kind of fun actually. I know that sometimes its better to blend in but in highschool its all about being who you are. Not being someone you aren't. but all in good reason. It's always important to be who you are. People will like you better. You won't be fake you'll be you J.

Trends or fads are only in style for a short period of time and it seems as though many people latch themselves onto them. I don't like how people dye their hair to be like everyone else.