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In this day and age most of what we do throughout our life is impacted by trends in American society. Trends are everywhere; from the way we dress and the music we listen to, to the religion we choose to follow. While contemplating about the basis for this paper, I have come to realize that many Americans, including myself and my family, have been brainwashed somewhat into believing what is cool, what is in style, what looks good, and so on. Throughout our existence we see examples of trends in every aspect of life: socially, politically, personally, and religiously.

Politically, the newest trend to break out into society is celebrities and politics. It now seems that celebrities are starting to take advantage of their status and using it as a means for their voice to be heard as far as political issues are concerned. Take our government in California for example, we just recently inaugurated "The Terminator" into the highest political position an individual state holds.

Even before that, we watched Jesse "the body" Ventura become Governor of Minnesota, Sonny Bono become Mayor of Palm Springs, Clint Eastwood become Mayor of Carmel, etc. Personally, I don't know enough about politics to have an opinion about celebrities taking office or even speaking about political issues, however upon my research I have stumbled upon a few websites that have bashed this trend. "Being famous doesn't mean you are smart, educated, or even have common sense," ( In this site, the writer goes on to say that celebrities spend most of their lives pursuing their career, therefore being the least educated members of society. In my personal opinion, as I stated at the beginning of this paragraph, it seems that celebs use their status to be heard. I personally would not vote for...