Trends and Challenges Facing People in the Work Place

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Trends and Challenges Paper



Trends and Challenges

Performance management

Performance and evaluation is part of every employee's continuing growth within the organization. Performance management is a method used by managers to effectively monitor an employee's output efficiency. Performance management allows for an employer to track the activities of an employee and ensure production goals are being met at the desired level, this process will also allow for an employee to receive feedback to both inform and aid the employee in meeting company expectations. Managers providing timely feedback will assist an employee in understanding what areas, if any, require a need for improvement. According to Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, (2004) traditional performance management is done in the form of a single review highlighting an employee's productivity throughout the year. This method is deemed flawed with angst and agony for both manager and employee.

Traditional annual performance system is enabled and overseen by human resources with department managers acting as form fillers. There is a level of disconnect for the employee as they are only involved at the end when they are given the results. This method also trends to focuses on employee shortcoming and produces discomfort for the informed and the manager. Personally, I have seen this method abused in the following manner where employees are handed the forms and told to get them back as soon as possible. A lack of emphasis and institutional control by some managers leads to a situation where the inmates are running the asylum and a varied and inconsistent result is the norm. A reason that managers fall back on is feeling ill-prepared to accurately rate an employee's contribution to the organization.

In a competitive environment employees are forced to see coworkers in an...