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University of PhoenixAugust 3, 2009IntroductionThere are many challenges that the Human Resource department has to work with to ensure that their company is up to standards and doing what is necessary to maintain their success. This paper will discuss the different challenges and existing trends the human resource department must review when dealing with employee relations. In recent days it is not easy trying to ensure the happiness of employees especially when dealing with appraisals, employee turnovers; safety and health management issues and other daily challenges that the company may face as a corporation; the employees are what is going to keep the company running and to maintain the success of the company and its future as well. This paper will address the trends and challenges in HR management.

Performance management is the process of creating work setting in which people are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities.

Performance management system is a whole work system that begins when a job is defined as needed and ends when an employee leaves the company (Heathfield, n.d). The goals of performance management are to improve employee performance, develop people for promotional opportunities, and ensure that employees are working towards the companies' goals (BNET, 2003).

Appraisal SystemsAnalyzing employee performance has been a way for companies to determine how well an employee performs at his or her job. This is how promotions, raises, and the decision of whether or not an employee remains on the job are determined.

How this differs from annual performance appraisals are annual performance appraisal is procuring, analyzing and documenting of information and facts about an employee's worth to the organization. It aims at measuring and improving the employee's current performance and tapping in on the future potential. An annual appraisal helps determine if an employee...