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Forces and TrendsIn today's market, businesses face a variety obstacles, opportunities and trends that influence the overall financial health of the organization and its ability to succeed in its niche market. Such trends and forces also represent opportunities for an entity to seek additional processes and procedures to implement into their day-to-day operational process in order to find alternative methods to reaching their audience and increase profit. Such opportunities provide methods to improve the organizational structure to develop and created a dynamic strategic plan to meet the ever-changing economy. The acknowledgement of key trends and forces is the focus of the selected organization such as the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, merger and acquisitions for insurance agencies, social media strategies within the marketing channels and the regulatory and political factors with organizational compliance are just a few factors that influence an organization within in their market.

Social Media/Marketing-Mike StanderSocial Media is one of the fastest growing sources of marketing (ABI Research, 2009).

Social Media is an online forum in which users can communicate with each other. Social Media has evolved from what originally started out as online chat rooms. The social sites of today are far more advanced, allow people to communicate in a multitude of ways and connect worldwide. These users can communicate and live through texting, posting blogs, post pictures, and advertise their own products or products they like. The communication boundaries through Social Media are endless. Marketing is all about putting a product in front of people to encourage mass use of that product. With millions of people constantly communication through social web forums the opportunity for marketing is fast growing (ABI Research, 2009). The most recent development in Social Media forums that has catapulted the industry into a mainstream marketing forum is the advanced technology in...