Trends in Popular American Culture

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Trends in popular American Culture

Jaime Enriquez

SOC 105

May 03, 2010

Cheryl Avant

Trends in popular American Culture

Growing up in today's society one cannot imaging how our lives are impacted by the events and trends in our society. You cannot go anywhere without falling into some kind of trend. As children grow up they pick up little things that influence them along the way, to how they should think, how they should dress themselves to also what music they will listen to. Such impact also may cause separation from important aspect in there lives like what religion they may follow. While considering the starting point for this paper, I have come to the realization that majority of the population in the United States, as well as myself, friends, and family; have been victims and misguided in someway into thinking what is acceptable, what is perfect, what separates those from others.

All through our lives we see prime cases of trends interfere every aspect of our lives whether in decision-making to areas of social, political, personal, or religion.

Celebrities and politics have been the biggest influence in society today. It can be perceived that celebrities are starting to take advantage of their status and using it as a means for their voice to be heard as far as political issues are concerned. Take our government in California for example, inaugurating the actor from the movie "The Terminator" into the highest political position an individual state holds. Even before that, we watched Jesse "the body" Ventura become Governor of Minnesota, Sonny Bono become Mayor of Palm Springs, Clint Eastwood become Mayor of Carmel, etc. Personally, I don't know enough about politics to have an opinion...