Trends in popular American Culture

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Trends in popular American Culture

Jaime Enriquez

SOC 105

August 2, 2010

Carol French

Trends in popular American Culture

Over the times as children grew up, we can remember the image of a child in a candy store? How children used to gaze upon rows of sweets. In today's society children are influenced by marketers that imitate the appeal of the candy shop. Children along the way are lured into thinking that certain brands of clothes make you more superior than others or cosmetic surgery will lead you to a successful happy living life. Such influences may cause separation from important aspects in people's lives like religion or culture. I have come to an understanding that majority of the population in the United States as well as my friends, family, and myself, have been manipulated into thinking what is acceptable in society.

We see every aspect of our lives in decision-making to areas of social, political, personal, or religion affected by trends in today's society.

In today's society marketers look to appeal the common sugar tooth of that of a child, food, clothing, electronics, entertainment, and cosmetics are just a few that attract people's attention. Celebrities are an attraction for many young adults who help marketers influence trends that change the way we live. It can be perceived that celebrities are starting to take advantage of their status and using it as a means for their voice to be heard, "It's not just big companies and lobbyists that have too much power over politicians. It's also the news media and celebrities" (Post-Bulletin, 2010). Now in today's era technology has made it more accessible for teens or kids to access tabloids more than ever. Tabloid stories...