Trends in the treatment of pediatric cerebral palsy.

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The treatment of paediatric cerebral palsy is an evolving and developing area. Although most forms of treatment have been in place for some time, existing methods are being modified and new methods introduced. In particular, advances have been made in pharmacological and surgical treatments, as well as therapy programs. The purpose of this paper is to comprehensively evaluate these trends as applied to the specified case. Case studies as well as developmental and family theory are used to determine an effective, holistic plan of care for the patient. Given that there is some concern about the child at birth, an argument for early intervention is made. Treatment is examined from birth to early childhood, in both the general hospital and home care settings. This topic has been chosen because it clearly illustrates trends in the treatment of paediatric developmental delays and cerebral palsy, from a holistic perspective using the multidisciplinary health care team approach.

A critique of the writer's practice is not included in this analysis, as the writer does not have a medical background.

Early detection, diagnosis and assessment

"Cerebral palsy represents a broad range of static non-progressive motor disabilities that present from birth to early childhood, as a result of nervous system insults of congenital, hypoxic, ischemic, or traumatic origin. Motor involvement is always present, but additional neurological, sensory, and mental deficits often occur as well. The clinical manifestations vary depending on the nature and extent of the original injury. Characteristically, they are chronic throughout life and involve abnormalities in normal physical growth and mobility, as well as intellectual, social and emotional development" (Dzienkowski, et al. 1996: 45).

Increased understanding and awareness about cerebral palsy, have led to improved techniques for early identification and implementation of treatment. Apgar scores provide a method for documenting the newborn's cardiopulmonary...