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The Justice System of The Trial

The Trial is a novel written by Franz Kafka in 1914 and 1915 but not published until 1925. The novel is a tragedy that tells about a man named K. who is arrested by two unidentified agents on his thirtieth birthday. Without any reasons given, those two guards keep telling K. to keep quiet and think about what he has done instead of asking for the reason. Franz Kafka does not tell the reason of why K. get arrested in the story and after a long journey of fighting for his rights, K. is killed by two men at the end on his thirty-first birthday. Throughout the story, one of the biggest issue that stands out in my opinion is the justice system. The justice system in the Trial is described as a powerful and unfair system.

The Law in the Trial is defined as the strongest in society which has rights to arrest people withouting telling them the reason and the Law is always right. The Law is such an abstract ideal that it can have nothing to do with the ordinary lives of human beings. The Trial represents for the justice nowadays in real life which is too powerful, unfair and unjust. The novel also somehow associates with the justice in my country as well.

At the beginning of the novel, K. is arrested by two guards and one inspector. Instead of giving the reason, these two guards just tell K. that he is under arrest. They tell K. stop seeking for the reason and try to keep quiet and think about what he has done wrong. They state that:

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