The trial of Tom Robinson in "To Kill a Mocking Bird".

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The Trial:

I walked into the court room, and looked at the jury, they were all white, I knew that it would have to be a miracle to get the jury to come back with the verdict that Tom Robinson was innocent. But I had a plan. If the trial goes well, I will appeal against the verdict, and then the court case will go to another place, where the jury won't be so biased against black people.

The trial started and the first person who took the stand was the Sheriff, Mr Tate. The oppositions Lawyer, Mr Gilmer, was the first to ask Mr Tate some questions, all Mr Gilmer asked the Sheriff was what had happened on that night, the Sheriff replied by saying that he saw Miss Ewell on the floor beaten up, and that she had told him Tom Robinson had beaten her up and that Tom Robinson had took advantage of her.

Things hadn't started well for me and Tom Robinson. I stood up and proceeded to ask Mr Tate some questions, the first question I asked was if he had called a doctor, Mr Tate replied by saying no, I asked him in a different way another two times, to make my point clear that no doctor had been called. I then asked him to describe the girls injuries, he described them and I asked on what side of her face was her black eye, after a couple of tries he finally said it was her right eye, and that it was mainly the right side of her face that was banged up badly. This was good news for me and Tom Robinson as I knew that Tom couldn't use his left hand, and it was obvious that who ever beat her up...