The Trials of the Scarlett Letter

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Trial 1 In trial number 1 the jury found the defendant John proctor guilty to the charge of statutory rape, and innocent to the assault charges, innocent to child neglect charges. When finding a verdict on the statutory rape charge the jury looked at the defenses reasoning that was John Proctor was not in his right state of mind when admitting to having a sexual relation with Abigail Williams who is a minor. The defense stated that Mr. Proctor was so troubled over the witchcraft accusations against his wife that he was not in his right mind to make rational decisions when admitting to the rape. The jury concluded that although Mr. Proctor was a very stressed man his stress is not enough to cause him to admit to such a crime. Along with the honest, heartfelt testimonies of Abigail Williams, saying "she was taken advantage of ". we found John Procter guilty of Statutory Rape.

Mr. Proctor will be charged with eighteen months in state prison The jury found John Proctor innocent to the assault of Mary Warren. The prosecution stated that John Proctor Physically assaulted Mary Warren. She stated that "she feels he is a tempered man and that she is very scared of him" The defense Answered that although Mrs. Warren was scared of Mr. Proctor she herself States that he has never hit her only touched her, not physically hurt and has only threatened her. Reverend Hail also came to the stand and stated that he believed John Proctor to be a good whole hearted man who would not do such a thing. With the all the following testimonies and victim herself admitting he had not hurt her. The Jury felt the prosecution did not he a leg to stand on and john Proctor was found innocent.

The court also found Mr. Proctor innocent to the charge of child neglect. Mr. proctor was not obligated to cater to Abigail Williams personal needs he only committed the crime out of lust. Abigail has also lied in the court before when be prosecuted for the witchcraft trials so there is no reason to take her word that she was neglected in a time of need for it now. The court identifies someone as an adult at the age of fourteen so Abigail Williams is old enough to cope for herself and should not be treated as a child.